“One of the most insightful flutist of his own generation.”

- Globe word

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10 November 2022

“One of the most insightful violinists of his generation.”

10 November 2022

“One of the most insightful violinists of his generation.”

10 November 2022

“One of the most insightful violinists of his generation.”

"We have to write an effect phrase"

- Globe word


13 December 2022

Philarmonie de Paris

Paris - FRANCE

Recital Flute & Piano

Franco Ascolese, Flute

10 November 2022


Salzburg - AUSTRIA

Franco Ascolese, Flute

10 November 2022


Salzburg - AUSTRIA

Franco Ascolese, Flute

10 November 2022


Salzburg - AUSTRIA

Franco Ascolese, Flute

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We are Globalty International ®

Globalty International ® is a company of experts of varied backgrounds, in technology, product design and business strategy. We’ve come together to help ambitious businesses differentiate and compete – to become digital businesses.

Multiple Strategies

We believe that, in a world of continuous change the right strategy evolves through making, testing and learning.

Experienced Team

We’ve helped ambitious companies re- imagine customer experiences, create new models for growth and build new capabilities.

Premium Quality

We’ve proven our quality in the market over the last 5 years helping clients lunch their strategy projects, in different countries.


The impact that we make together is understood at every level. The goal is to inspire, inform and educate, so that we build the strongest possible foundation for continuous improvement.

Individual Approach

You’ll Und that we listen to your people and care for your culture and practice. However, success brings new realities and new ways of working.

Imagining Future

Sometimes, the future is hard to predict. We help businesses succeed in a constantly- changing world by imagining new scenarios, exploring new ideas, and testing new solutions.

Complex Solutions

On top of our product process, we’ve built a powerful capability in organizational development and in telling the transformation story within the enterprise.

Limited Time Offer

Hurry up! Contact us today ang get 100% free first online consultation!


Web Design

Whether you’re launching a new product or need help with a speciUc challenge, we’ll build a team around your needs, helping you deliver more value, faster.

Native and Hybrid apps

We build native mobile and hybrid apps using widely adopted technologies, and releasing to the major app stores and marketplaces.

Insight & Analysis

We help our clients identify the gap between customer expectation and reality, map the challenges and opportunities digital affords, and benchmark performance.

Experience Design

Our user-centred design processes are highly visual and collaborative, we do: IA and UX, Interface design, Design identity and systems, Prototyping, User testing.


Experts in performance and security, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and systems maintenance ensure the right code is deployed at the right time, to the right environments, in the right way.


The optimization is aimed at positioning your site on the Urst page of search engines to keep it in the medium-long term.



Classical guitarist graduated in Italy, passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, he acquired his knowledge in business managment by graduating in II level of MBA. Now he continues to study medicine which is his Urst love and carries on this reality with his professional team, dreaming of a futuristic world!




Father, Husband, Web designer, Web developer, iOS, Android e React-Native developer. He grinds codes at breakfast and dinner and sometimes even at lunch.



MBA II, Classical Guitarrist, Crazy Medical Student, passionate about Technology and Entrepreneurship & Expert Dreamer.



Graduated in Business Economics and Management, specialized in Strategic Digital Marketing and in-depth Market Research. She is practically a running train without brakes.


1. First Contact

In this phase, we will have a Urst discussion about your business and a general view of your market by analyzing it together.

2. Planning

In this phase, after having done a thorough market analysis, we will talk about how to plan the next steps to create an adequate strategic plan.

3. Final Strategy

In this phase, we will show you how to implement a pragmatic funnel strategy to achieve the set goals.

4. Implementation

In this phase, we will implement the studied strategies using the necessary softwares that we have discussed in the previous phases.

5. Control

In this phase, we will analyze the results in terms of ROI and ROAS and we'll understand if the applied strategies should be modified.

6. Improving

In this phase, after having analyzed all the data, we can implement new strategies to test or new way of think out of the box


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